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Boakai Kanneh

Boakai Kanneh is a young carpenter and the owner of a workshop in Monrovia. He is determined to emerge victorious on August 28 in the 2011 Marathon proudly sponsored by BHP Billiton in Liberia.

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Created: 14th Jul 2011
Modified: 14th Jul 2011
Professional Information
Self Employed
Working primarily in:

Description of Work:

Boakai Kanneh is a carpenter by profession. He makes wooden benches, doors, tables, chairs, cupboards, screen doors etc...

Biographical Information
Boakai Kanneh
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Feb/26/1986
Gender: male
  Central Matadi
  City: Monrovia
Tel: +2316-633-608
Place of Origin: Liberia

Boakai Kanneh is the son of Vamba Kanneh and Jenneh Yallah Kanneh. He was born on the 26th of February in 1986 at the Kolahun Hospital in Lofa County, Liberia.

As a very young boy, he lived in Kolahun Town. At age 6, during the time of the civil crisis in Liberia, Boakai went missing from his parents. He was found and lived with one of his uncles in Kolahun. Unfortunately for him, he could not go to school because of the prolonged crisis in the country.  However, he moved to Monrovia where he began practicing carpentry at a local workshop. He lives in Central Matadi, Monrovia.

Because of his passion to learn and dedication to succeed in life, Boakai became very committed to his work. He has built his own workshop where he currently works with other young and committed Liberians.

In late 2007, he began his academic journey at one of the local schools in Monrovia. Up to present, he is still in pursuit of formal education.

When the 2011 BHP Billiton Marathon was announced, Boakai and his friends saw it as an opportunity to make life better for them. He currently attends a regular training session every Sunday morning from 7:00am to 9:00am at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville City, Montserrado County.

Boakai Kanneh has dedicated this Marathon to his father, Mr. Vamba Kanneh and mother, Mrs. Jenneh Kanneh for giving him life, care and support. They have inspired him to be hardworking and determined.

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