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Charles Brumskine


Counselor Charles Brumskine is an opposition politician of the Liberty Party (LP)in Libreia. He is former senate Pro Tem of the Liberian senate. His party came third in the 2005 elections.

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Created: 27th Feb 2008
Modified: 3rd Jul 2008
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Liberty Party
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Biographical Information
Charles Brumskine
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Apr/27/1951
Interests: law, politics etc
  City: Monrovia
Place of Origin: Liberia
Counselor Brumskine is a former ally of the former Liberian president Charles Taylor. However, his interest for the presidency sour relations between both men and Counselor Brumskine had to flee the country during Taylor's rule but later returned when Taylor was preparing for the next election. He Graduated from the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Taxas

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