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Ristorante Italiano
Ristorante Italiano
Ristorante Italiano

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Created: 22nd Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
50% expensive

This is a fantastic restaurant near the One Hill and Chez Lando hotels on the way to Remera suburb. It offers excellent pizza and pasta, a good selection of beer and a friendly staff. Located outside the city center in a quiet neighborhood, the restaurant is a peaceful place to spend an evening. Best of all is the outdoor seating on a covered deck on the edge of one of Kigali's many hills. The deck provides a stunning view of the city and is one of the restaurant's best features.

photo: http://www.theeye.co.rw/
Contact Information
Remera, Kigali
Remera suburb, on the road to Chez Lando; Kigali

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