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Italian, Eritrea, Local
Most Eritrean food is a mix of local and Italian cuisine, and both of often offered at this restaurant. It...
Takeaway, Kenya, Local
Good local cuisine, such as cassava and peanuts. They also serve the finest sizzling steaks in Nairobi. They also have...
Local, Liberia
Decent meals starting at $10 overlooking the Paul River. ?
Benin, Local
Mozambique, Seafood
Mauritius, Seafood
This restaurant is perfect for seafood lovers offering a mixture of Mauritian and European seafood dishes.If you are coming to...
Expensive but excellent seafood restaurant. Reservations needed. Mon-Sat: Lunch and dinner; Sunday dinner only.
Kenyan dishes, evening buffet. Breakfasts too.
Beers and food.