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Omer Imtiazuddin

Health Portfolio Manager, New York, ACUMEN FUND

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Created: 10th Dec 2008
Modified: 10th Dec 2008
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Health, NGOs, Business
Health Portfolio Manager, New York

Description of Work:

Prior to joining Acumen Fund, Omer Imtiazuddin worked as a consultant for the International Finance Corporation leading the design of the Global Youth and Informal Enterprise Initiative for the Grassroots Business Initiative group. He also has experience in private equity having worked as an associate at Barnard & Co. LLC, a venture capital fund focusing on the communications, information technology and internet industries.

Prior to that, he worked in investment banking at Morgan Stanley's Global Industrial Group. Omer also has an extensive background in micro enterprise and small business development, having worked with ACCION, Women's World Banking, Trickle Up and the Business Outreach Center Network.

Biographical Information
Omer Imtiazuddin
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Date of Birth: //
Gender: male
Website: http://www.acu...

Omer received his BA from Yale University and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

“I knew I didn’t want to go back to investment banking,” explains Imtiazuddin. “I grew up in Pakistan. I had always seen the poverty around me, and I think I always had a desire to make a difference in this world. I didn’t get that opportunity on Wall Street, given the hours and everything else. So having had that desire, I used Wharton as a sounding board to see if this was one of those things I really could make a career out of. I want my career to be something where I’d find great meaning beyond mere financial rewards" -- Omer Imtiazuddin (Wharton Alumni Magazine, fall 2008)


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