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Uganda : Volunteer Abroad in Africa- Web Design & Development

Mission Statement
As a regional development organization, Hope Development Volunteers has many opportunities for interested volunteers. These volunteer opportunities are mostly skills-based, meaning that we can use your help at what you do best. Whether you are an accountant, a web designer, an IT specialist, as long as you are interested in helping out a poor community, we have a project for you. The good news is that thanks to the digital nature of the business world, you can volunteer from anywhere. We can promise you a flexible and satisfying volunteer experience tailored to your specific abilities and desires.

Visit their site: www.volunteerabroadafrica.com

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Current Volunteer placements/Needs:

  • Website Design and Development - we have a number of opportunities related to website design and development. We currently need a content manager and we are always looking for ways to enhance our site and make it more useful to volunteers and partner organizations. If you have design or programming skills, your help would be appreciated.
  • Social Media Support - we've just begun to venture out into the world of social media. If you have experience in social media, we would benefit from your support.
  • Search Engine Optimization - our website is the main way we connect with volunteers and organizations with volunteers’ need. Anything we can do to reach more volunteers would support our mission and would be very helpful. If you have experience with search engine optimization, please contact us.
  • Audit Support - we are in need of audit work to satisfy our organizational policies and procedures. If you have experience in nonprofit audits, please contact us.
  • Google Adwords – we would like to utilize Google Adwords to help bring people to our website, but we are not experts in how to best utilize the service. If you are an expert, or even a novice, we could use your support.
  • Media or Press Support - the stories our volunteers tell are very powerful, unless no one hears them. A public or media relations expert could help us significantly in getting the word out about what we're doing.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact us at: volunteer@volunteerabroadafrica.com  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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