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Gilberto Beato


Mr. Gilberto Beato -- Sales Representative, Nextran Truck Center

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Created: 9th Oct 2008
Modified: 14th Oct 2008
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Nextran (Truck Center)
East Regional Manager
Working primarily in:

Description of Work:

Nextran Truck Center (www.nextrancorp.com) is the largest Mack dealer for Mack Truck, in the world, with 13 Locations throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama.


Nextran Miami is the International dealer and I, Gilberto Beato, represent the African & Asian Continent.

We have the NEW 2008-2009 year models, Export Mack GU813, CXU613, and MRU613, dumps Mixer, Tractors sleepers and non sleepers.
Without U.S. emission controls for export, the engine complied with Euro 3 & 4.


Trucks will be shipped from the U.S. port of Flaís, Savannah Ga. or any port in U.S.A.

Choosing Mack can save you  $$$$$$$, Maintenance costs are also less than any other model.

The value of dollar right now is a great advantage.


Today as cost continue to rise, we know you demand a truck that will be the most economical in the long run.

Mack will give you:


                                                            Improved fuel economy

                                                            Reduced Maintenance

                                                            Improved Productivity

                                                            High Resale value

Biographical Information
Gilberto Beato
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: //
Gender: male
Place of Origin: United States

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