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Mission Statement
East Africa University is located at the city of BOSASO in SOMALIA, in Northeastern part of the country. Somalia lies at the eastern corner of Africa, known as the Horn of Africa.East Africa University has opened its door to accommodate high school graduates in Puntland in October 1999. Early 2000 the university received its first intake of students and delivered pre-university courses for the students. This course offered the students a basic and minimum knowledge of Applied Mathematics, Communication skills in both English and Arabic. After a period of six months study (1st October 2000), the students were evaluated and selected to the two faculties existed that time, Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Shari'a and Islamic Studies. Since then, the university was growing and developing gradually until it has started to expand to other regions. The campus of the university occupies 49.19 hectares of land and lies 5km from the centre of the city. Bosaso was chosen as the site for the university on the grounds of its large population, numerous secondary schools and the commercial importance. East Africa University is the largest and most fullfledged university for the northeastern regions of Somalia (known as Puntland State of Somalia) to fulfill the educational requirements of the society. Although the idea of establishing a university level education in Puntland State of Somalia was the agenda of early 1990’s for most of the prominent community members like community leaders, intellectuals and educators, business community, but this came true when the first stone was laid down in October 1999 in Bosaso. The first two faculties of Business Administration and Shariah and law took their first intake in September 2000. Computer science faculty was added in 2003. In this academic year, the faculty of Education opened its doors to Puntland community. The establishment of East Africa University (EAU) of Bosaso came as the response to fill the importance of higher education to train the youth in order to participate in the development of their country. This could be regarded as an instrumental institution for expanding the educational system in order to graduate qualified people capable of meeting the needs of the country’s ambitious future development plans..

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HeadQuarters: BANDER QASIM AIRPORT ROAD P.O. Box 1111 Bossaso, Somalia,
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 EAU Mission

“To offer quality educational services that satisfy the different
needs of our society and participate in the establishment of the
concept of good governance, peace building, reconciliation that
contributes to the development of the people and the state and
become a symbol of hope and unity for our beloved nation”

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