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Africa Chillin
Wale Smoothy (left) Big Chief (right)

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Created: 16th Feb 2010
Modified: 16th Feb 2010
Big Chief & Wale Smoothy

"Africa Chillin, Naija Chillin" is a remix of a hit song by Wale ft. Lady Gaga, "chillin".  Our remix introduces a new concept of remixing music from other artists, based on the reviews and feedback, our rating is 8.5/10. people constantly ask us about our studio, which we didn't go to anyone, using a software and a powerful microphone, we were able to produce something hot. We directed and produced our own video which cost us $0. Featuring guest appearances from JeJelaye, Yetunde, EbonyBlack and Biola. during the recording we went to different locations such as Gas Stations, Parties, Banks, Target and so on.


We actually spent about a week in total working on this hot record. in the lyrics 

we talked about Africa,"Am African Chillin" Big Chief said, in the chorus Tun-baby went back to her town, "Drinking palm wine like am back in my town" and Wale Smoothy puts Africa on the map "Africa Africa, we on tha map." This is just a brush off because we are coming out with more videos. Our next video is "We Get Wasted" which is a remix of Gucci Mane ft. Plies.

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