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Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor


Charles Taylor is a former president of Liberia who stepped down following pressure from a rebel group. A former rebel leader himself, he is now on trial in the Hague for complicity in S/Leone crisis

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Created: 27th Feb 2008
Modified: 28th Feb 2008
Professional Information
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Former Government of Liberia/ National Patriotic Party
Former President
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Biographical Information
Charles Taylor
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jan/28/1948
Interests: politics
  City: Hague
Place of Origin: Liberia
Charles Taylor served as president of Liberia from Aug 2, 1997 to August 11, 2003. Before becoming president, Taylor was once Africa's most prominent warlord when he led a rebellion in 1989 to unseat then president Samuel K Doe.
Mr Taylor was born in Arthington near Monrovia. His Mother was a native of the Gola ethnic group and his father an Americo - Liberian. He earned his Bachelor Degree in economics from Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts

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