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Sia, The Myth Of The Python (2001)
Sia, The Myth Of The Python (2001)

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Created: 25th May 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
Dani Kouyate
Sia, The Myth of the Python: 2001. 96 minutes. Burkina Faso/France. Director: Dani Kouyate. Feature Film. USD$90-300

Bambara with English subtitles. Kombi is a poverty-stricken city dominated by a tyrant king. In order to bring back prosperity, the king is advised by his priests to make the traditional human sacrifice of a young virgin to a mystical snake god. Sia, the most beautiful young woman of the village, has been designated. Lieutenant Mamadi, her fiancé, rebels against the decision to perform this ritual and the village becomes divided. Struggles and revelations follow as the characters confront issues of honour, corruption and power.

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