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Nigeria : You Must Set Forth at Dawn: A Memoir (2006)
You Must Set Forth at Dawn: A Memoir (2006)

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Created: 6th Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
Wole Soyinka
Random House

You Must Set Forth at Dawn: A Memoir (2006)
by Wole Soyinka
Random House

The first African to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, as well as a political activist of prodigious energy, Wole Soyinka now follows his modern classic Ake: The Years of Childhood with an equally important chronicle of his turbulent life as an adult in (and in exile from) his beloved, beleaguered homeland. In the tough, humane and lyrical language that has typified his plays and novels, Soyinka captures the indomitable spirit of Nigeria itself by bringing to life the friends and family who bolstered and inspired him, and by describing the pioneering theater works that defied censure and tradition. Soyinka not only recounts his exile and the reign of General Sani Abacha, but shares vivid memories and playful anecdotes–including his improbable friendship with a prominent Nigerian businessman and the time he smuggled a frozen wildcat into America so that his students could experience a proper Nigerian barbecue.

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