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Translation and Interpretation Services Provision
Translation and Interpretation Services Provision

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Created: 8th Apr 2009
Modified: 8th Apr 2009
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ResearchTour Cameroon is the biggest repository of qualified and certified translators and interpreters in Africa. We send out interpreters to help conferences, church services, political meetings and social gatherings in and out of Africa. Our interpreters are experts in simultaneous, consecutive and escort (whispering) types of interpretation. Our translators do translate books, journal articles, contract letters, academic certificates and transcripts, legal documents, editorials and news items for individuals and organisations around the world. We specialise in English, French, Spanish and several indigenous African languages.

ResearchTour is the leading translation and interpretation consultant to the governments of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Nigeria. We also provide consultancy services to several private companies in Africa. We have started accepting consultancies from conference managers and major publishers in Europe and North America.

Contact Information
Thank you for your interest in ResearchTour. Our address is: ResearchTour Cameroon Beno Business Centre PO Box 84 Buea SWP, Cameroon To discuss a new project with us, send an email in the first instance to Ivo Ngome at ivo.ngome@researchtour.org . To enquire about the progress of your project, send an email with your Project Reference Number to progress@researchtour.org. For all other inquiries, send an email to info@researchtour.org or visit www.researchtour.org for more information.
+237 74 16 52 16

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