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Rwanda : One Hill
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Created: 13th Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
50% expensive

This is a beautiful and small hotel/motel in the Remera suburb outside of Kigali center. It is located overlooking one of the city's many valleys in a very quaint and safe neighborhood. The staff is very friendly, and a delicious breakfast is served each morning with eggs, bread, excellent coffee and a variety of very fresh fruit. The rooms are comfortable with varying costs depending on amenities, leaving a great deal of flexibility with regards to your budget. It is located quite far from the city center, though it is walkable if you have time. Other options include minibus, motorcycles or taxis. Near the hotel are an excellent Italian restaurant with beautiful views of the city, Hotel Chez Lando and its restaurant, Amahoro Stadium and several grocery stores. It is an excellent place to stay.

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Remera suburb of Kigali

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