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CIA World Fact Book,

  • Official Name: Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Government Type: Republic
  • Capital: Kinshasha
  • Other Major Cities/Regions: north and south Kivu, Lubumbashi, Goma, Bukavu, Gbadolite, Kisangani
  • Size: 2,345,410 sqkm
  • Climate: tropical in the equitorial river basin, cooler and drier in the southern highlands, wetter in eastern highlands
  • Terrain: vast central basin is a low-lying plateau; mountains in east
  • Population: 65,751,000
  • Ethnic Groups: over 200 African ethnic groups of which the majority are Bantu; the four largest tribes - Mongo, Luba, Kongo (all Bantu), and the Mangbetu-Azande (Hamitic) make up about 45% of the population
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 20%, Kimbanguist 10%, Muslim 10%, other (includes syncretic sects and indigenous beliefs) 10%
  • Language: French (official), Lingala (a lingua franca trade language), Kingwana (a dialect of Kiswahili or Swahili), Kikongo, Tshiluba