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Created: 26th Mar 2012
Modified: 26th Mar 2012
Nigeria, Kenya
Chinese; Italian; Indian; French; Local; Coffee
50% expensive

Baldev Merkel restaurants ar high class 21st century reestaurants which have been established in difrrent parts of the world. the restaurants are equipped to serve you with high class delicacies of diverse traditions  usually prepared by our highly trainned and qualifed chefs, we keep your intrest first thus  in all our resrtaurants outlets we serve you with local dishes of that particular country , and other several dishes from diffrent countries in the world, asian, american, japaneese, chineese brazillian delicacies just to mention afew.

we have assorted wines and other beverages to quench your thirst after being served  with our tantalizing meals or before being served to provide you withthe appetitie to assist you to munch our appetizing delicacies.

we always  have special offers in each of the resturants above feel so much welcome

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Lagos Nigeria, Malindi Kenya

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