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L'Avenir Education and Immigration Consultants

L'Avenir Immigration and Education consultants are a worldwide leading consultants with our head-office at lahore and worldwide offices in China,UK and Norway.

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Created: 13th Jun 2012
Modified: 13th Jun 2012
Professional Information

Biographical Information
L'Avenir Education and Immigration Consultants
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Dec/30/1985
Gender: male
  Office No 40 Chauburji Tower Chowk Chauburji Lahore
  City: Lahore
Tel: 009242-35967893
Website: http://www.lc....
Place of Origin: Pakistan
L'Avenir is a registered company with a tax-payer consultancy which is in the field from 2004. LC specializes in the field of immigration to Canada and Europe. We are recruiting students for many chinese universities.

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