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By ben Yisrael Chawviv In school, history classes, students are taught about the African slave trade: how black people were taken from the continent of Africa to be slaves, how black people were captured and raped and robbed of their culture;

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Created: 13th Nov 2011
Modified: 14th Nov 2011
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Date of Birth: Aug/21/1987
  222 Range Street, navan ban vala Village samanabad
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Place of Origin: Pakistan

myAfrica: how black people were forced to accept the religion of their captors, and how black people had to, and still do, to live according to the customs of their slave masters.
But it all started slavery on the continent of Africa? It starts in Hebrew / Israelites of the slave trade? Were the Hebrew / Israelites even in Africa? And it was the Hebrews / Israelites in Africa during the era of slave trade? .

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