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Shephard Dube
By Sicelo David Sibanda
Shephard Dube

Shephard Dube is a Zimbabwean politician, writer, student leader, human rights activist and an economics and political commentator.

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Created: 10th Oct 2011
Modified: 10th Oct 2011
Professional Information

Biographical Information
Shephard Dube
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Aug/10/1992
Gender: male
Place of Origin: Africa

Born of Trust Dube and Thenjiwe Ndlovu in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo Mpilo Hospital on the 10th of August 1992 was a leader named Shephard Dube. He is an elder brother to two young ladies.

 Shephard Dube is a popular human rights and students activist in Africa. He left Zimbabwe to exile in South Africa at the age of 14. Many young people and political activists in the area of Mpopoma were disappearing without a tracy thus with the outspoken nature of Dube it was a matter of time before he disappeared also. It was suspected ZANU PF was behind the disappearences . Thus his parents in an attempt to safe guard him they relocated him to South Africa.

 In South Africa he completed his High School at Bertharry English Private School. There he met his fellow Pan Africanist advisor Kgahlisho Murwa. Together Dube and Murwa were fanatics of the then South African president Thabo Mbeki. Both Dube and Murwa are currently studying with University of South Africa, Dube is studying Bachelor of Laws (LLB). Murwa is studying Bcom Economics.

 While at high school Dube was invited to join the Welshman Ncube led MDC, he rose through the ranks till he reached the ceiling of the Youth Wing in the external structure.

Dube is one of the Adviser in the MDC Youth Assembly Secretary General's office. He is the economic, investments and financial affairs under-secretary general to Discent Collins Bajila the Secretary General.

In 2011 Dube and other students met to form Zimbabwe Students Alliance. The Zimbabwe Student Alliance(ZSA) is a Students Organisation whose lifetime commitment is the development of Zimbabwean Students learning outside Zimbabwe through fighting against discrimination and ensuring that the socio-economic and political livelihoods of the students are upheld and their academic rights are not curtailed.

ZSA Founding Principles

Non Racialism
Non Sexism
Pan Africanism
Working Class Solidarity
Academic excellence

Shephard Dube is the founding Director General of this students organisation.

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