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Julio Cesar Tello


Founder of the Karikuy Organization, Mr. Tello Began his Organization in Peru in order to brings travelers to visit and explore the country. Expansion of the Organization to Africa began in 2011.

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Created: 25th Aug 2011
Modified: 25th Aug 2011
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Karikuy Organization
Working primarily in:
Cote d'Ivoire

Description of Work:

Julio Cesar Tello is the editor in chief of the Karikuy Blog the webs leading blog on Peruvian Culture, events and travel news. For Peru Tour Packages visit Karikuy Tours Peru for the latest travel information and Peru Tours.

Biographical Information
Julio Cesar Tello
(At a Glance)
Gender: male
  Alonso Del Rincon
  City: Lima, Peru
Tel: 5113360532
Website: http://www.kar...
Place of Origin: Peru

Born in Lima, Peru during the Maoist guerilla uprising of the early 80's, Julio Cesar Tello began his life amidst the violence and poverty of a nation in crisis. His parents, a nurse and factory manager took initiative, fleeing the country when super inflation hit and guerillas struck down a family member. Decades would pass before Julio finally returned to see his homeland and the family he had left behind.

Twenty years would pass before he finally returned to his country. Upon his return he travelled extensively throughout Peru meeting his countrymen and women. On seeing the conditions and hearing the stories of those less fortunate in his country he made a promise to himself and his people; a promise that he would return to help his country develop and grow.


Founded biggest Peru Tour Company in Peru with the best Peru Tour Packages at the best prices. Editor in chief of the most popular Peru Blog the Hitchikers Guide to Peru. Also rated one of the Top Tweeters in Peru @Karikuy

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