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B. Emmanuel Sharpe

Beyan Emmanuel Sharpe is a Professional Nurse with the Nurse Anesthetic Program at the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts (TNIMA) in Monrovia.

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Created: 20th Jul 2011
Modified: 20th Jul 2011
Professional Information
MSF-Holland, IRC, NRC, Land Mine Action
Supervisor, Nurse Anesthetic, Monitor
Working primarily in:

Description of Work:

Supervises and aids nurses on various wards; administer medication and screen patients for admission; administer anesthetic during operation.

Biographical Information
B. Emmanuel Sharpe
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Aug/31/1972
  Logan Town, Bushrod Island
  TNIMA, Nurse Anesthetic Program, JFK
  City: Monrovia
Tel: +2316-476-190
Place of Origin: Liberia


B. Emmanuel Sharpe was born unto the union of Mr. John Ballah Sharpe and Mrs. Korpo Marley Sharpe in the year 1972 on the 31st of August. He was born in Dusar Hospital, Firestone. He comes from the Dobli Island in Bong Mines. He has sixteen siblings all from the same father but different mothers.

Emmanuel started his education from primary to junior high school in Sierra Leone. This was around the time of the 1980 coup d’état that brought the late President Samuel Doe into power. He later returned and continued with his studies at the Bong Community High School in Bong Mines, Bong County. He then engaged in the mining and sales of gold, but later found himself developing interest in the medical field.

Emmanuel soon enrolled in the Voluntary First Aid and Nurse Aid School. Shortly after that, he sought admissions at the Mother Patern College of Health Sciences where he obtained an Associate Degree in Nursing.

Presently, Emmanuel Sharpe is a student of the Nurse Anesthetic Program at the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts (TNIMA) located at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia.

However, due to the current economic condition of our society and the world at large, Emmanuel continues to do business in sales and distribution of used cars, computers and medicines.

Mr. B. Emmanuel Sharpe is a devoted Christian.

Emmanuel dedicates the August 28 BHP Billiton’s Marathon to his icon and role model, Nelson Mandela, on the occasion of his 93rd birth anniversary. He chose Mr. Mandela because of the many years that he struggled to bring peace, stability and freedom to his country and the South African People.


Florence Nightingale Awards

Other Accomplishments:

ASc Degree in Nursing

Best Nurse-Florence Nightingale Awards

Trained PTA and Principals on School Feeding

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