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African Youth Delegation to the ICC, the Hague.


African Youth Delegation shall leave Nairobi for Netherlands on the 14th of April 2011, as a pro-justice delegation

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Created: 14th Mar 2011
Modified: 14th Mar 2011
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African Youth Delegation to the ICC, the Hague.
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Date of Birth: Jun/26/1986
Place of Origin: Kenya

Yes to ICC initiative

“Pro-justice youth delegation to the Hague”


  1. Create general awareness and pro-justice advocacy
  2. Seek in depth understanding of the Rome statutes
  3. Network with other like minded organizations
  4. Familiarize with ICC processes
  5. Visit ICC court

The World Youth Parliament is an organization that empowers the young people in the society for the purpose of enhancing their participation in leadership and decision making.

Following the outcomes of the political processes across the world and more so in Africa, we the young people would like to take the fore front to enhance peace and cohesion not only at national levels but over the boarders to other countries and the World at large.

We would therefore like to take this initiative as the leading organization of young people Globally to spearhead a Visit of youth from different countries to the Hague for the above objectives.

The delegation of 14 youth representatives from West Africa, The Horn of Africa, East Africa and other international organizations will include:

  1. The World Youth Parliament (Global)
  2. Minorities in the horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya)
  3. Nigerian Youth Movement (West Africa and Nigeria)
  4. Bunge la Wananchi (Nairobi, Kenya)

The delegation is endorsed by the Kenya National Commision on Human Rights, The Greenbelt Movement and a series of international organizations. It will leave Nairobi on the 14th of April and return on the 18th of April


David Shitsimi

Executive World Youth President

World Youth Parliament

+254 711 224875, Email: admin@worldyouthparliament.org


www.worldyouthparliament.org , www.davidshitsimi.org

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