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Eric Bisong

Iam also passionate about the fact that we have so much potential to bring to the table ,we the youths of this generation , see a bright future in Africa and i will do my best to fight for others

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Created: 2nd Mar 2011
Modified: 3rd Mar 2011
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Global Coalition for the Empowerment of African Youths
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Eric Bisong has come a long way to discover a second home in Bloomsburg, where he has kept busy laying the foundation to make a difference in his homeland of Cameroon.
Bisong has been a student leader since arriving on campus three years ago. Initially, he was a mentor for freshmen as a community assistant and then a pioneer for African student relations on campus, establishing the African Student Association and serving as northeastern president of the National African Student Association.

This year, Bisong has expanded his leadership efforts with hopes of unifying young leaders into making a difference on a global scale. His recent mission has been spreading the word about the Global Coalition for Social and Economic Empowerment for African Youths, a coalition he launched as a platform for young leaders to discuss ways to improve the economic conditions and educational opportunities in Africa. He maintains several Facebook groups and pages dedicated to the cause, including posting regular videos and blogs highlighting international news and commentary on Africa’s current educational climate.

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Eric Bisong
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Date of Birth: Aug/24/1985
  p o box 561
  City: millville PA 17846
Tel: 5708094675
Website: http://www.gce...
Place of Origin: Cameroon

Eric Bisong is currently a student at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania majoring in Criminal Justice. He is originally from Cameroon and is unequivocally proud to be an African. Eric believes that African youth possess vast leadership potential and the ability to achieve great things for the African continent. As President of the Northeastern Region for the National A.S.A, Founder of GCEAY,President and founder of the national future leader Association and Founder of the group it's time for change in Africa, his vision is to ensure that his fellow African youth around the world understand the depth of their potential and the possibility to create change in their communities by becoming future leaders. Eric deeply believes in African people all around the world and the success African can achieve in developing Africa to create better conditions for its people.

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