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Jaberi Bibandi Ssali


Jaberi Bibandi Ssali is president of the Peoples' Progressive Party and will be a candidate in Uganda's 2011 presidential elections.

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Created: 25th Jan 2011
Modified: 25th Jan 2011
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Jaberi Bibandi Ssali
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Place of Origin: Uganda

In the early sixties Bidandi was the leader of African students in India, he cut short his studies to become Deputy Mayor of Kampala City at about the age of twenty seven years. In 1964 youthful Bidandi and others were expelled from Uganda People's Congress for his progressive ideas.

During Amin's regime he was the manager of Uganda cranes when it reached the finals of African cup of nations in 1978 where the Cranes lost to the Black Stars of Ghana in Accra.

Since NRM came to power in 1986 he served as the Minister for local government till 2003 when he was sacked for opposing the lifting of term limits to allow President Museveni rule till when Ugandans get tired of him or when he gets tired of leading Ugandans.

After the sack, Bidandi Ssali formed People's Progressive Party and also went for further studies at Uganda Martyrs University where he successfully completed his studies as the best student.

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