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Abdighani Ali

originaly I am Somali and i live in United States of America.

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Created: 31st Oct 2010
Modified: 31st Oct 2010
Professional Information
Minnesota Transitional Charter School, USA
Assistan Principal

Description of Work:
  • Pre-Class Organization
    The assistant principal assists to implement student orientation and registration activities.
  • Planning the School Program
    The assistant principal assists in the development and establishing of the school goals and objective and the planning of the schools instructional program.
  • Implementing the School Program
    The assistant principal assists to provide direction to staff in implementing goals and objectives and interacts and meets with staff to assist in their development.
  • Evaluating and Remediating the School Program
    The assistant principal assists in the evaluation of the school program and of staff and assists to initiate needed improvements.
  • Involving the Staff in Budget Allocations
    The assistant principal involves the staff in setting budget priorities.
  • Keeping Professionally Competent
    The assistant principal acts to upgrade own professional knowledge and skills.
  • Coordinating Budgets and Schedules
    The assistant principal assists in the preparation and management of budgets and schedules and in the coordination and implementation of the co-curricular program.
  • Handling Disciplinary Procedures
    The assistant principal assists to define and disseminate information about school disciplinary policies and procedures to parents, students, staff and community.
  • Coordinating and Communicating the Schools Formal Structure
    The assistant principal communicates and carries out established policies, delegates and accepts responsibility for completion of tasks and communicates program goals, objectives and policies to the community.
  • Coordinating School Services and Resources
    The assistant principal assists in supervising and maintaining auxiliary services and uses community resources to supplement the school program.
  • Facilitating Organizational Efficiency
    The assistant principal promotes and maintains open communications, positive student attitudes, respects dignity, worth of staff, students, and complies with established lines of authority.
  • Assisting In Record Keeping
    The assistant principal assists in completion of records and reports and in the supervision and inventory of necessary supplies, textbooks, equipment and materials.


Biographical Information
Abdighani Ali
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Aug/3/1969
Gender: male
  p. o. box
  City: Minneapolis, Minnesot, 55408, USA
Tel: 1-612-275-2512
Website: http://www.htt...
Place of Origin: Africa

Abdighani Ali- assistan principal of Minnesota Transations Charter School K-8, Additionaly He is Executive director of the Somali Communities of America, the vice president of Ihsan Relief Organization and director of Alfurqan Institute of Arabic and Islamic Education in Minnesota USA.  His educational back ground includes an AA degree in Computer Programming from Minneapols Community Technical College in USA, a Bechelor's Degree of Business Management from St. Mary's University, and Master Degree of Educational Leadership at St. Mary's university in USA

his contact is qardhaawi@yahoo.com or 1-612-275-2512 in USA

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