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Olokun Mayowa


Am a Computer engineering student ready to improve the technology and make Africa at peak

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Created: 24th Mar 2010
Modified: 24th Mar 2010
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Science and Technology
Computer Engineer
Working primarily in:

Description of Work:

Am a computer Enginner fit at repairing and installing computer system and communication syatem in any area.

Am good in writing Programs as well and developing technology

Biographical Information
Olokun Mayowa
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Feb/25/1988
  P.O Box 3, St. Matthew's Cathedral, Ijebu Jesa
  D5, Odo Oja Street
  City: Ijebu Jesa
Tel: +2348039406605
Website: http://www.pro...
Place of Origin: Africa

I attended Kups Nursery and Primary School in Nigeria, and further to Olashore School in same nigeria and read computer Engineering as  a course in school.

I have visited some countries and explore electronics.

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articles on Technology and human well fare

I wrote books on Computer Science and Engineering

How it can be manipulated and how a layman can easily rectify and troubleshoot on computer syatem


I produces CDs and am a good writer of CDs too


Diploma in Computer Engineering

A work certificate at the cathedral

Explorer on websites and linking sites

Creation of free websites for people

via 0fees.net, webuda.com, 000webhost.com

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Other Accomplishments:

All my brain here is on Computer and Art work also good at seminars and symposiums