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Patrick Ambunga


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Created: 9th Jan 2010
Modified: 25th Aug 2011
Professional Information
Merit Consulting & Management
President & CEO
Working primarily in:

Description of Work:

Consult with Investor with a Major Interest to invest in the African region. As a negotiator, we first build an investment package for potential investor, negotiate a deal between them and the host country,find an investment or business opportunity. Our goals are to fight unemployment in the African region by working closely with any government to create the Job market in order to improve the economy. Currently, we are seeking business opportunity to any less develop countries in Africa that needs a boost to their economy as our expertise lies to their needs. We have great ideas and contacts worldwide that can become a potential investment relationship with our prospect. Our Goal is to help the African continent becomes self sufficient and financially independent.

Biographical Information
Patrick Ambunga
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Mar/20/1983
Tel: 4802768277
Website: http://www.mer...
Place of Origin: Congo-Kinshasa

Currently a preseident of Merit consulting & Management , a Co-founder for the Hope For Congo and an International Consultant. Patrick have a strong business background.

Other Accomplishments:

Community leader, organizer,and Business architect.


Future book title " The Tear of an orphan"


Participate to " Radio France International" regarding The Issue in the Congo and contribute to many news channels about the future of Africa.

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