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Oti Brown


Guitarist-bassist-song writer-producer Oti Brown is an African citizen-of-the-world

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Created: 11th Sep 2009
Modified: 11th Sep 2009
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AfroUp record
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Biographical Information
Oti Brown
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: May/17/1975
Gender: male
  Glattwiesenstrasse 213
  City: Zurich
Website: http://www.oti...
Place of Origin: Nigeria

Guitarist-bassist-song writer-producer Oti Brown is an African citizen-of-the-world, both in terms of his life journey and musical vocabulary. As a singer, composer and virtuoso instrumentalist, his trademark sound is an esoteric but accessible amalgam of influences from his past and present, an inventively forward-looking yet folklore-based mix that raises spirits while falling smoothly on the ear.

Lucky Otitigbe (a.k.a. Oti Brown) was born in Warri Delta State of Nigeria on 17.5.1973.

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