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Elvin Chillitoe
Elvin Chillitoe

United Kingdom

Born and bred in Zambia! Now in the UK showing them how its done.

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Created: 25th Mar 2009
Modified: 31st May 2009
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Hey guys,

I would love to introduce audio books to my continent.Have a look at my website about how to download audio books and if you are interested to learn more, drop me an email. If you wish to do some research on audio books in Google before we get to speak you can copy and paste thesewords in google or yahoo to see the services avaiable:

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I have recently added a page dedicated to mystery audio books. I will beadding more pages specific to an audio book category's keep posted.


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 If you are African and interested in audio books, please dont hesitate to contact e directly.

If you are new to audio books I have found the author Dean Koontz quite interesting. Click here to get a taste of Dean Koontz audio books!

Let me know which author you may uncover.

Thanks again.



Biographical Information
Elvin Chillitoe
(At a Glance)
Gender: male
Place of Origin: Africa

Born in UTH Lusaka Zambia under KK who paved the way for Chiluba who then gave it all away to Mwanawasa and sadly had no choice to bring in Rupia.





A video you make like on a particular audio book service that has many titles on Africa!



Other Accomplishments:

Taking back to Africa what it gave me!


This is the link again:




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