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Fairwater Foundation Paul van Beers

FairWater.org is a Dutch NGO for durable water supply in Africa, we change any broken down handpump with the new Dutch & Durable Afripump, see www.fairwater.org

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Created: 12th Jan 2009
Modified: 12th Jan 2009
Professional Information
FairWater Foundation
Working primarily in:
Burkina Faso

Description of Work:

Rehabilitation projects to replace broken down handpumps by the new Dutch & Durable Afripump, especially for schools and communities, see www.fairwater.org

Biographical Information
Fairwater Foundation Paul van Beers
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Apr/19/1950
Gender: male
  Wenslauerstraat 75
  City: Amsterdam
Tel: +31 6 236 686 15
Website: http://www.fai...
Place of Origin: Netherlands

The director, Paul van Beers, a professional hydrogeologist, fluent in english, french and portuguese, has a 27 year record of working all over Africa in rural water supply, with assignments for international consultancies, NGOs, Universities, the WorldBank, etc.

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