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Omoba Oladele Osinuga

Associate Member of the American Bar Association, Associate Chartered Quality Institute in the UK, Member Global Prosecutors E-Crime Network, Member IAP and Member of the British Nigerian Law Forum.

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Created: 27th Dec 2008
Modified: 27th Nov 2011
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International Criminal Law/Criminal Justice/Legal Practice
International Criminal Lawyer
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Solicitor and Advocate Supreme Court of Nigeria, Associate Counsel Lanre Adeniyi and Co, Contributing Editor Africanlives.com, Secretary Nigeria Reconciliation Group NIREG UK and currently International Legal Officer for the Prosecution at the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo EULEX.

Biographical Information
Omoba Oladele Osinuga
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Apr/21/1969
Gender: male
Interests: Environment, Human Rights, Law, Criminal Justice, Current Affairs, Quality Assurance and Sports.
Place of Origin: Nigeria

Omoba Oladele Osinuga hails from the Ijebu Remo Division of Ogun State. As a true patriot whose writing is guided by the philosophy espoused in the lines of the words of his alma mater Igbobi College’s school song, which states that,’ ‘where ever there is an Igbobian, there is a noble Nigerian’, he is an urbane, suave and pugnacious commentator on Nigerian Political, Social, Economic and Legal Affairs. Omoba Osinuga holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in philosophy from Ogun State University, a Masters of Arts in Human Resources Management, Strategic Management and Labour Economics from the University of Westminster and Bachelor of Law from the Nigerian Law School, Abuja. A 1994 University of North London, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) graduate, his career spans both the private and Public Sectors including stints as Consultant and Partner in his own Legal and Management Consultancy, Legal Clerkship in a Law Firm specialising in Private Client work, career public service at one of the Inner City London Boroughs in Local Government Law and Enforcement policy, E-Commerce, Data Protection and Quality Assurance in a leading Oxford based academic publisher, as a career civil servant in one of the leading central government body constituting the Criminal Justice Service (CJS) in England and Wales and currently International Criminal Lawyer for the Prosecution with a leading International Governmental Organisation. Omoba Osinuga is a Political and Trade Union activist who has been a member of the British Labour Party since 1992 and was a trade union activist as a branch organiser in 2002-2003 for Unison (the Public Sector workers union in the UK). He is currently Secretary of the Nigerian Reconciliation Group (NIREG), a London based NGO working with Nigerians in the UK to promote the awareness and mobilise their engagement in addressing the issues and challenges of HIV/AIDS, empowerment of women and civil society, reconciliation, peaceful co-existence and conflict resolution. In 2003 and 2005, NIREG organised conferences in London with the themes, ‘ELECTIONS - WHAT NEXT?’ and ‘Nigeria I care, how can I make a difference’ involving partners as diverse as the Nigerian Chaplaincy in the UK, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Christian Aid, International Centre for Reconciliation, Initiatives of Change, Development Impact for Nigeria and the Christian Solidarity Worldwide. Omoba Osinuga who is also a poet has been interviewed on the BBC World Service Radio on Nigerian Affairs. He is a member of the Anglican Communion in England and Nigeria, Associate Member of the American Bar Association, Associate Chartered Quality Institute in the UK, Editorial Board Member of the International Society of African Lawyers (ISAL), Member of the National Black Crown Prosecution Association in England and Wales, Member International Association of Prosecutors and Member of the British Nigerian Law Forum. Since its inception in 2002, Omoba Osinuga has been contributing Editor of http://Africanlives.com and is also a regular contributor to contemporary Nigerian Current Affairs websites including http://chatafrikarticles.com, http://Nigeriaworld.com and http://Gamji.com 



1          Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The dearth of society in Nigeria and our children's future

For those of us who profess to be Christians or indeed humanists and adherents of other religions words alone fail to give a vivid description of what was shown in the documentary [Video Links Provided]. In a society where ignorance, poverty, squalor are common place this is should not come as a surprise. However evil towards children should never be condoned.

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2008/dec/301.html

Size - 18KB - 30 Dec 2008

Excerpt: click here feature article omoba oladele osinuga tuesday december 30...

2          Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Africa in us and the message of Barack Obama's victory

November 4 in the year of our Lord 2008 is a landmark date in the history of race relations in the United States in particular and the world in general. This day no doubt marks a day that would stand out as one of days when you would be asked where you were on the day Barack Obama was elected to the office of the President of the United States of America.

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2008/nov/071.html

Size - 23KB - 07 Nov 2008

Excerpt: click here feature article omoba oladele osinuga friday november 7...

3          Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Living in the throes of Nigeria's Constitutional Dictatorship

The fact of the matter is that under the provisions of the constitution there is nothing preventing the present holder of the office from parading himself as the Vice President as conditions under section 144 of the Constitution which states the process that the Vice President may cease to hold office does not currently suffice.

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2007/jan/014.html

Size - 27KB - 01 Jan 2007

Excerpt: click here feature article omoba oladele osinuga monday january 1...

4          Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The impeachment process, ouster clauses, non-justiciable provisio

What were the circumstances in which six members of the [Oyo State] house were suspended? Was their suspension a breach of the Constitution? I am of the opinion that where there is a breach in the stages laid out in Section 188 including the purported suspension of House members then it follows that any actions arising from such impeachment process is fatally flawed.

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2006/jan/244.html

Size - 44KB - 17 Oct 2006

Excerpt: click here feature article omoba oladele osinuga tuesday january 24...

5        News --

Comment: Oyo: Impeachment process, ouster clauses, non-justifiable provisions Click Here About Champion Newspapers Make contact with Champion...

URL: http://odili.net/news/source/2006/feb/21/502.html

Size - 35KB - 21 Feb 2006

Excerpt: clauses non justifiable provisions omoba oladele osinuga recent...

6          Nigeriaworld Feature Article - United States Democracy in action and its relevance to Nigeria

The relevant lessons to be drawn from the US elections within the Nigerian context at this infant stage of our 5th republic is that genuine change can only be achieved by empowering the people to participate in the electoral process.

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2004/nov/061.html

Size - 21KB - 10 Nov 2004

Excerpt: click here feature article omoba oladele osinuga saturday november 6...

7          Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Lambeth Resolution, Archbishop Rowan Williams and The Global

I believe the wind of change is blowing through the Anglican Church worldwide. The leaders of the Global South Province should seize the opportunity to demand restructuring of the ways leadership is enthroned.

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2003/aug/252.html

Size - 18KB - 25 Aug 2003

Excerpt: fellowship his view homosexuality omoba oladele osinuga wrote defend dr...

8          Nigeriaworld Feature Article - Contrasting perspectives to SLA's vision

I do not see what there is to rehabilitate, refurbish and acknowledge in SLA's vision. History was unkind to him because he was not alive to explain the reasons for the change in his ideology. However to conclude that OBJ's mandate is greatly influenced by SLA's vision...is a misunderstanding....

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2003/jul/022.html

Size - 38KB - 14 Jul 2003

Excerpt: feature article click here omoba oladele osinuga wednesday july 2...

9          Nigeriaworld Feature Article - The Hysteria of Yoruba bashing - a rejoinder to Abdulrazaque Bell

''And the Yorubas are not complaining'' is Bello's view and not that of the Yorubas as he does speak for them or demonstrated how he's measured their opinions as such.

URL: http://nigeriaworld.com/articles/2002/dec/275.html

Size - 19KB - 14 Jul 2003


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