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Prof. Francis Yamba


Director, Centre for Energy, Environment & Engineering, Zambia (CEEEZ)

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Created: 3rd Dec 2008
Modified: 3rd Dec 2008
Professional Information
Centre for Energy, Environment & Engineering Zambia (CEEEZ)
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Description of Work:
Centre for Energy, Environment & Engineering Zambia (CEEEZ) is a non-governmental organisation collaborating with Government and various institutions, that investigates, analyzes and makes useful conclusions and policy recommendations on energy, environment and engineering concerns, and also carries out studies, research and development, consultancy and training in those areas. CEEEZ represents AREED(African Rural Energy Enterprise Development) in Zambia. Services Offered: Advising Government Agencies,Advising International Orgs,Awareness Raising,Capacity Building,Consulting,Convening Conferences,Economic Analysis,Project Design,Project Development,Project Evaluation,Project Finance,Project Monitoring,Project Verification, Technology Expertise: Bioenergy, Energy production/efficiency, Solar, Wind energy Keywords: Energy efficiency and Renewables, Climate Change (mitigation and adaptation), Technology transfer, others in energy and environment
Biographical Information
Prof. Francis Yamba
(At a Glance)
Gender: male
Place of Origin: Zambia
Professor Francis Yamba, is the Director of the Center of Energy and Environment at the University of Zambia.He says, "The main objective of the project is to strengthen the main energy players in the sector namely [small to medium scale] energy entrepreneurs, farming communities, suppliers of renewable energy technologies and system designs."

The professor says the project is designed to increase the use of renewable energy, like solar power -- in this case PV (photovoltaic) or a thermal (heat) application.Yamba adds the term "micro hydro" and "biomass" which includes animal waste as well as other materials.

Yamba says in a country like Zambia, where only 3 or 4 percent of the rural community has electricity, renewable energy technology can be important as a source of power to the mostly small- scale farmers.

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