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Kofi Olomide

Since learning his trade in Papa Wemba's Viva La Musica Koffi Olomide has combined a distinctive, smoochy style of singing with dynamic arrangements that are instantly recognisable. During the 1990's

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Kofi Olomide was born on a friday 13th of august 1956, in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was nicknamed 'Antoine Makila Mabe' meaning, 'Bad blooded Antony'.

Young Antoine grew up in a fairly comfortable surrounding, but there were no musicians in his family. He used to have fun working on familiar, popular tunes giving them his own lyrics, changing the rhythms. A neighbour of his realised that he possessed a true talent and encouraged by teaching him the guitar.

Koffi was a skillful student and passed a scientific baccalaureate. following his diploma his father sent him to France to study Business Administration at the Bordeaux Business University. He got his diploma in 1980. At the age of 18., despite his success as a brilliant student the young man was still very attracted by arts and music in paticular, showing a gift for song writing and singing.

During the 70's he began to build a reputation amongst the Zairean community as a songwriter. 'Onia' was his first success. In 1977 Koff's brother encouragedhim to record his first songs. During his holidays, he recorded 'Asso' and 'Princesse Ya Senza' -a hommage to women- at the Veve studios in Kinshasha, from then on, he collaborated with artists such as Papa Wemba and Zaiko Langa Langa. Koffi was awarded the title of 'Best Zaire artist in the year 1978 for the single 'Aniba'

1983 was a turning point in Kofi's career, he recorded his first album 'Ngouda' and showed a strong determination in becoming a main force in African Music. Two duets were performed and recorded with Yakimi Kiesse and Fafa from Molokai.

In 1986 he started his first real group called 'Quartier Latin'. At the same time he was heavily impressed and influenced by the groups such as Kassav. After 10 years of success he also decided that he wished his career to take a more international turn.

The long awaited international fame truly started in 1988 when the song 'Henriquet' -hommage to Miss Congo- became a huge hit. From then on Koffi's nickname became 'Golden Star'.

He enjoyed a great success with the song written for his only daughter Minou called 'Elle et Moi', this song described the enormous joy and emotions that he felt after her birth. During the 90's Koffi built his fame on his characteristics 'Soukous Love' also called 'Tchao Tcho'. From 1990 until 1994, Koffi enjoyed a growing success in less than 4 years he published over 7 albums under his own name, or under the groups name 'Quartier Latin'. In 1992 he was awarded 'Best male singer' and 'Best video clip' at the African Music Awards in Abidjan. Today Koffi is unanimously recognised as the most recognised as the most celebrated and distinguished Zaire modern artist.

Source: http://www.panafricanallstars.com/biography/kofiolomide.asp
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Kofi Olomide
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Place of Origin: Congo-Kinshasa

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