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Cesaria EVORA

Cape Verde

Cesaria Evora aka Cize for her friends, was born on August 27th, 1941 in Mindelo, Cape Verde. With her great voice and stunning looks she soon attracted attention, but her hopes to become a profession

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Created: 4th Mar 2008
Modified: 4th Mar 2008
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Cesaria Evora was born on August 27, 1941 in the small harbour city from Mindelo to the Cape Vert. Amalia Rodrigues of its true name that her friends call Cize, it sings as of its youth to survive. Its music is articulated around the topics of the suffering, the melancholy and the exile. With its voice which carries and its astonishing look, it draws the attention quickly.

But the recognition only arrives very late, when one proposes to him to occur in Lisbon for an association of his country. It is over there, in 1988, that it meets JosŤ Da Silva, young French originating in Ccape Verde, which becomes its producer and persuades it to leave for Paris. Its first album, "the diva with the naked feet" propelled it to the front of the scene. The title of the album refers to its interventions naked feet, in homage to the poor of the small Island state under development where it was born and which it evokes in its songs.

Success is immediate, and it benefits from it to occur for the first time in the French capital in New Morning. Two years later, it leaves another album, heading "Distino di Belita", mixture of mornas acoustic and of will coladeras electric, in homage to the music of its country. Its inclinations for alcohol and the tobacco are not a secrecy for anybody, and in 1994, when compilation "Sodade leaves, most beautiful mornas of Cesaria", it finally decides not to drink more. This year there, it also signs for B.M.G under its Lusafrica label.

Cesaria has participle with the disc "Drop the debt", in collaboration with other artists, to cancel the debt of the countries in the process of development, and becomes the ambassadress of the world food Program of the United Nations in 2003. She gains Grammy Awards, then a Victoire of the Music in France and also decore of officer of Arts and Letters in France. The about sixty passed, Cesaria Evora did not lose anything of its energy. In twenty years only, it managed to conquer whole planet, and is not ready to stop in so good way.
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Cesaria EVORA
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Interests: Music
Place of Origin: Cape Verde

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