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Mahaleo Musical Group


Mahaleo is an out-of-the ordinary musical group from Madagascar.

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Created: 8th Feb 2008
Modified: 8th Feb 2008
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Mahaleo is an all-male, seven-member musical group from Madagascar.

Mahaleo typically plays a musical blend that reflects Madagascar's rich cultural heritage.

Their music incorporates African, Polynesian and Hawaiian-like melodies that vary comfortably between highly rythmic beats and mellow, lullaby-like melodies.

The beauty of Mahaleo rests on two pillars: first, Mahaleo's music is at the frontline of social activism, fighting for the average citizen of Madagascar. ('Mahaleo' means "free" in Malagasy, the country's main language.)

Their lyrics are a call on politicians' conscience, an attempt to open their eyes to the needs and aspirations of those who elected them. At the same time, Mahaleo delivers an uplifting message of hope that helped Madagascar hold its ground during the post-independence era turmoil that rocked the country in the 1970s.

Second, Mahaleo is an atypical musical group in that each of its seven members has a life and a career path  of his own. The group includes a Member of Parliament, a community activist, a surgeon, and a family physician. Despite their fame and international recognition, these men love and continue to carry on with their daily occupations.

This year will mark Mahaleo's 36th anniversary.

The members are: Dadah (Andrianabela Rakotobe, founding member), Dama (Rasolofondraosolo Zafimahaleo, the MP, co-founder), Bekoto (Rabekoto Honoré Auguste), Fafa (Andriamanantena Famantanantsoa), Nono (Andrianabelina Rakotobe), Charles (Andrianaivo Charles Bert) and Raoul (Raosolosolofo Razafindranoa.)

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Mahaleo Musical Group
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  City: Antananarivo
Website: http://www.mah...
Place of Origin: Madagascar

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