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Mission Statement
The Baldev Merkel foundation supports the development of policies that both improve the quality of life for people in the many world regions and serve as models for the rest of the country. The Foundation focuses on today’s most pressing problems while also informing the public policy decisions critical to creating opportunity and achieving long-term solutions. The work is based on sound research and is focused on where the Foundation can add the most value. Baldev Merkel Foundation encourages innovative and collaborative approaches with a regional focus and the potential for a national reach and globally

Visit their site: www.baldevmerkelfoundation.org

HeadQuarters: 1425 James street PO BOX 4001 STN VICTORIA BC V8X ONTARIO CANADA
Organization Contacts
  • Address: 1425 James street PO BOX 4001 STN VICTORIA BC V8X ONTARIO CANADA

Organization Details

baldev merkel Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving lives through access to scholarships that is education, poverty eradication and partly and wholly disbled people concerns.

The Foundation had a modest beginning in 1995 the year of its creation. Starting then and continuing to today, baldev merkel Foundation awarded interest free loans to students who had limited resources. These loans were unique in that they required a small monthly payment during the time the students were attending school. we also d offer scholarships to the most needy students who cant even be able to repay the loans the scholarships are provided in whole or in partial. Repayment of the loan do not start until the student completes all of their education. These loans give numerous students the opportunity for education that otherwise was out of their reach.

From that start, the Foundation has grown and expanded its work into higher education capacity building, poverty alleviation, and medical research.

Today we are generating opportunities on three continents. that is asia, africa and north america and we are thinking of extending to the 4th continent south america

We continue in our strategy that education is the key to improving the economic outcomes for students and their societies in the world

baldev merkel Foundation has a staff of about 38, whose names are listed on its w

Health Literacy Research

This program is part of the baldev merkel Foundation Innovation Fund

The Health Literacy Research Project is a study to examine ways of improving the understanding of health and medical information for illiterate patients. The current study is working in the rural areas in the Kutch district of Gujarat state in India. The work is specific to women who use the Jedle Jo Jatan material and reproductive health clinic in Khavda. 

The problem being addressed is improving compliance with health care instructions including medication delivery. With most of the population of this region unable to read or write, the patients are unable to remember and fully comply with instructions.

To this end, the Health Literacy Research Project team is testing and designing a pictogram based standard set of common instructions. This includes when to take medicines and instructions on care.

baldev merkel foundation views this program as a part of the larger issue of delivering health care to rural areas.


The Foundation's management and program staff [consists of:


baldev merkel

Vice President, Programs

thomas mac griffith

Vice President of Finance and Administration
Deborah Gillespie

Director of Communications
sonar McCormick Lelyveld

Chief Investment Officer
Jane R.michaels

Program Officers


shailedra maurya

Whitney Smith, Program Manager
Matthew Muench, Program Officer

Ed Miller, Program Manager
Molly Flanagan, Program Officer

Gun Violence Prevention
  angela Vinik, Program Manager henry Wang, Program Officer

Money and Politics

john scott

Angelique mitchell, Senior Program Officer

the other staff members from various countries are listed in our website

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