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Mission Statement
Oromo Cultural Center is a unique community organization established in 2001 by Oromo pioneers who migrated to America as refugees under the resettlement program from the Horn of Africa.The Oromo Cultural Center is a nonprofit corporation serving African immigrants in Seattle, Washington.

Visit their site: OROMOCC.ORG

HeadQuarters: 8819 RENTON AVE S SEATTLE WA 206 709 8888 MUKTAR SADO
Organization Contacts
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Organization Details

The Oromo Cultural Center is a nonprofit corporation serving African  immigrants in Seattle, Washington.

  The OromoCC provides free classes and workshops on a variety of subjects every month with course offerings including Oromo language and culture, domestic violence prevention, educating youth, raising teenagers for higher education, integrating into the mainstream culture, avoiding credit card debt, building a respected family and homework assistance, basic computer training,ESL. and math.

 The OromoCC also refers community members to public and private agencies and clinics.

 The Center has purchased its own property at 8817,8821,8823 Renton Ave South, Seattle, WA 98118. The Center has been working to expand its services and programs to the community.


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