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Mission Statement
GHB Electric Automation Company Co., Ltd is Guangzhou based company and share Holding Company founded by groups of professional who had worked in area of Electric & electronic and Building Automation Management, we have experienced R&D in these area. Our business is Energy Saving and Home and Building Automation Control, Stage Lighting Automation and Renewable Energy in Solar Power. We have developed GHB Energy Smart Grid Solutions control system that drive home, Exclusive Villas, Office, Hotel, Government facilities, Stadium, sport centers, Theaters, street Lights, production Area, Warehouse to Save Energy. We have project designing team and Engineering team Our Business 1) Home and Building Automation Solution (HVAC) 2) KNX System 3) Smart Villa Automation Solution 4) Government facilities 5) Renewable Solar Power and Wind Power 6) Production and Warehouse site Lighting Solution that will yield Save Energy and Low carbon 7) Automation Solution for Hotel 8) Renewable Street Lighting Automation and Web Application Software 9) Renewable tunnel Lighting Automation and Web Application Software 10) Stadium and Theater Lighting Automation Solution 11) Security Automation for Home and commercial Solution

Visit their site: /www.ghbautomation.com

HeadQuarters: GHB ELECTRIC AUTOMATION CO., LTD Shenzhen China Add: 4th Floor,Caike Building,Meilong Road, Baoan District,Shenzhen, China Email: info@ghbautomation.com Tel: 086 755 29182550 Fax: 086 755 29182550
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Technology Application
1) GHB Green-BUS: GHB Green-BUS is independent Protocol BUS developed by GHB which offer Solution For Intelligent Centralized Control System for Home and Building Lighting, HAVC and home and building Management.
2) KNX-EIB: In order to transfer control data to all building management components, a system is required that does away with the problems of isolated devices by ensuring that all components communicate via one common language: in short, a system such as the manufacturer and application domains independent KNX Bus. This standard is based upon more than 20 years of experience in the market, amongst others with predecessor systems to KNX: EIB, EHS and BatiBUS.
3) ZigBee Wireless: ZigBee Home and Building Automation is the global standard for the control of appliances, lighting, environment, energy management, safety, and security. It supports a diverse ecosystem of service providers, original device manufacturers (ODM), and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with a standards-based wireless solution for home and small office automation.
For more information about our products lines visit www.ghbautomation.com

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