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Mission Statement
CRM-SL's mission is to rescue marginalized/disadvantaged young persons (age 18 and below), from extreme poverty, who are living on the streets, slums, market places and other polluted areas in post war Sierra Leone, through the Rescue Village project, which is to provide them with learning and other social facilities, like primary schooling, clinic, advocacy support, nutrition, and recreational facilities/supports. We believe that, the persistent suffering of young people, especially in the African continent, is a man-made problem, which could be reversed with our collective efforts and energies. Therefore, CRM-SL envisage communities were all: Children are valued and respected; Children are given equal rights and opportunities regardless of their status and where all children's voices are heard and dealt with, for their positive development at all levels.

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HeadQuarters: 107B Wilkinson Road, Freetown
Organization Contacts
  • Telephone: +23288290059
  • Title/Division: Director/Founder
  • Contact Person/Office: Sahr Yillia
  • Email: child.rescuemission@gmail.com

  • Telephone: +919846543713
  • Title/Division: Deputy Director/Co-founder
  • Contact Person/Office: Kaprie Kanu
  • Email: kaprie@licho-lib.org

Organization Details


The Child Rescue Mission Sierra Leone (CRM-SL), is a not for profitable and non-governmental organization, registered with the Government of Sierra Leone, through the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs. It was founded in June 2009 by two young and dynamic social activists/advocates, who are committed and passionate about bringing a positive social change (s) in the lives of marginalized/disadvantaged young people, within communities in post war Sierra Leone and the world as a whole. The establishment of this organization, was as a result of our burning desires in first of all identifying ourselves with the thousands of young Sierra Leoneans who are living on the streets, slums, and other polluted areas in the above mentioned country, so as to positively transform their lives from living on the street to positive nation builders. Therefore, we are of the strongest conviction that all the problems relating to extreme poverty, illiteracy, environmental pollution, armed conflicts, etc. are not natural, but a man-made one, and if confronted with new ideas and approaches, together with other colleague activists/advocates, we will surely bring a positive social change for sustainable developments. Although the idea was an initiative of only two young advocates, today many more like-minded colleagues both national and international, has embraced the concept since 2008, when it started.


Our five core values stand for everything we do, and are reflected in all our actions as shown below:

  1. CHILDREN FIRST: This means to us that, the advantages of children is our top priority; their interest is at the core of all our investments in money, labour and communication.

  1. TEAM WORK: This means to us that, we always take decisions and act in union, and moved by a strong mutual purpose. Our team is powerful because of our common understanding, commitments and passions.

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY: This means to us that, we are fully reliable non-governmental organization, to our children, donors, partners, employees and collaborators.


  1. EQUALITY: This means to us that, we give the same rights and respects to everyone, regardless of their religion, race, gender, nationality, tribe, age, social status, professional background, academic merits, disability and any other health conditions.

  1. EXCELLENCE: This means to us that, we always aim at the highest standard of quality in our work and communication. Our organization strives to achieve continuous progress, by being self critical and open to feedback.


  1. The provision of an enabling environment for disadvantaged children through the establishment of a residential home for them, that will be called as the 'Rescue Village'

  2. The provision of free medical and educational facilities for street children, who are resident of the Rescue Village

  3. The provision of vocational training in computer, carpentry and tailoring for children, so as to be self reliant and be supported with a start-up kits.

The Rescue Village will have the following facilities:

  1. Child Resource and Recreational Center

  2. A psychosocial section for counseling and rehabilitation of these children, because of the extreme abuses they might have gone through.

As a matter of fact, Sierra Leone has gone through a brutal civil conflict that has great effect on the children within the sub region. Most of there parents were killed during the war, poverty is another socio-economic war that has destroyed the lives of these children and the only way they can survive is to go on the streets and beg for there leaving.



CRM-SL is advocating for the legislative progress in the area of children's rights, as well as working as a catalyst of change, by documenting and reporting all abuses and violations committed against children. Additionally, we conduct family tracing programs, whereby street/abandoned children are linked with their parents, guidances or foster families.


CRM-SL firmly believe that, quality education is a key, in overcoming poverty and fueling development. Therefore, we promote the concept of Inclusive Education amongst underprivileged children in Sierra Leone. Our conviction is that, education shall lead to crucial positive changes in the lives of these children, not only will they acquire knowledge, but they will also gain the ability to think independently and choose their actions responsibly. They will acquire the healthy habits, skills and attitudes that characterize them into socially accepted individuals, to achieve our goal. We will provide scholarships and support the renovation/construction of schools, as well as sport and recreational facilities for the above mentioned children at community levels.


CRM-SL works towards the prevention of malnutrition and stunting amongst underprivileged children. Our priority are children under 0-5, as they are mostly affected by malnutrition and have the highest mortality rates. Our strategy is to introduce the Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS), involving parents in the prevention of malnutrition, since they too have an important role to play.


The issue of access to basic health care services for underprivileged children is our concern and we tackle it in the following ways:

  • Constant health and hygiene awareness campaigns through community health ambassadors, use of media etc.

  • Conducts medical health camps on regular basis in remote communities for check-ups, including the treatment of curable cases and the referral of other cases to the appropriate bodies.

  • Pay particular attention to mental health cases, creating awareness about their needs, and facilitating referral to specialized institutions.

  • Work closely with youths, providing health and sexual education and counseling to adolescents.


CRM-SL works towards raising awareness and the provision of accurate information to children and youths in order to reduce their risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS. This also include campaigns to combat stigma and discrimination for victims. We also advocate for community-based care and support, for children and youth that are already affected by HIV/AIDS.


As a youth-led organization, we capacitate youths with new skills of developments for self reliance. We train them in leadership skills and also, how to be volunteers in their different communities. We also train them on the use of Information Communication Technology with the free software system (Ubutu).

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