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Mission Statement
Founded by Dr. Lauri Romanzi in 1998, Urogynics provides global insights into women's health, including innovative clinical research projects on female pelvic floor disorders, patient information access through www.urogynics.org/blog and books written for women who want to learn more about feminine health (www.plumbingandrenovations.com).

Visit their site: www.urogynics.org

HeadQuarters: 133 East 58th Street New York New York USA 10022
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Organization Details

Urogynics funds research in childbirth related fistula, bladder conditions, Kegel exercise, pelvic floor dysfunction, and non-hysterectomy prolapse treatment through the work of Dr. Romanzi and colleagues. In addition, Urogynics is dedicated to providing assistance to marginalized or indigenous communities and assisting those in extreme economic, environmental, or political distress by sponsoring Dr. Romanzi's work on fistula and prolapse in conjunction with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center in Tanzania (www.kcmc.ac.tz), Harvard Humanitarian Initiative's program (http://hhi.harvard.edu/programs-and-research/gender-based-violence) at Panzi Hospital in the Lake Kivu Region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (www.panzihospitalbukavu.org), the National Hospital in Niamey, Niger and upcoming projects on uterine resuspension surgery for chidbirth related uterine prolapse with Citta (www.citta.org) to help Nepali women suffering with prolapse avoid hysterectomy.  

Urogynics also provides online access to timely female health topics through the blog www.urogynics.org/blog, which includes an "ask Dr R" section, with answers posted anonymously on the site as well as returned directly to the email of the questioner. We invite all women to share their pelvic health concerns

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