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Mission Statement
Consciously or unconsciously society will evolve; but in the age of enlightenment the evolution of society and the advancement of civilization have to be consciously directed. Through psychosocial, educational and political reforms, we work towards moving humanity and civilization forward.

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Organization Contacts
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Organization Details

 Generation of Domination (G.O.D) is a movement for change. We see the need for the reestablishment of the glory of Africa. Concerned about the numerous problems of the continent and the setback of its people, the founder, Rolland Nwanua, set out to lay a foundation for a new generation of men and the greatness of a continent that was once the light of the world.


It has as its forerunners, Mykell Abu (USA), Bolanle Emmanuel (USA), Elvis Abu (Nigeria)


Founded in April 2009, G.O.D is structured to make provision for problem solving, reaching out to the people, especially the youths, harnessing the energy of the African people for our common development, reshaping and promoting the image of Africa etc. It has often been said that, “the youths are the work force of every nation.” We hold this to be true. They are young and energetic, ambitious and fit to handle anything; if their energy is well harnessed, there is nothing on the face of the earth that they cannot conquer.


You will agree that any group of people that desire to make such impact as reestablishing the glory of a continent as large as Africa must consist of intellectuals. Young as the movement is, its impact has been well felt. Many pressing issues and challenges of the African people lie on our table.


With the broad and clear vision, with the brains and manpower and, with a good insight into the future, the only major challenge for the movement may be that of fund. We must admit that there are no obstacles to fear, but many to conquer.


We have members in different countries and, space has never been a barrier. All have displayed a positive mindset and, in one accord, we hold the belief that this glory is soon to be reestablished.


Generation of Domination beckons you to look deep within you and know how much sacrifice you are willing to make for the rise of the fallen giant – Africa.

                                     Our Glory is Near!




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