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Mission Statement
The South African Hip hop Foundation exists to provide a positive example for young lives and give a voice to youths besides creating opportunities and directions in lives of young people. The hip hop culture began over 25 years ago as a positive outlet for youthful energy and creativity. South African hip hop Foundation believes in using the hip hop culture to foster selfsteem, Perserverance and productivity.

Visit their site: www.hiphopsouthafrica.com

HeadQuarters: Carlton Centre
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Hip hop is an urban youth culture which is a dominating force in the life of most young people throughout the world. This is clearly evident in fashion trends, movies, technology, design etc. The world over, young people are using Hip hop as their voice. As a form of popular culture and artistic expression, Hiphop as a global social movement is such a powerful cultural element of young people that has the potential to be very political empowering force. Hip hop culture the world over is now being considered in some high institutions of learning as a viable academic discourse in order to investigate this phenomenon in an academic setting and also monitor events in attempt to participate in the ongoing culture.

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