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United States : AFRICA PROJECT, INC.

Mission Statement
Africa Project, Inc. enables Africans to become self-reliant by providing resources necessary for individual and collective development. We support initiatives that invest in education, generate sustainable income, bolster infrastructure, and celebrate culture and identity.

Visit their site: www.africaproject.org

HeadQuarters: P.O.BOX 386 Chapel Hill, NC 27514.
Organization Contacts
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Organization Details

We are an all-volunteer run and managed organization and we accomplish our mission using a three-pronged approach:
We enlist residents of the Triangle area of North Carolina to financially support education and community development projects in African communities;
We act as a local resource center dedicated to facilitating the integration of African immigrants into the Triangle Area; and
We raise awareness of African experiences and stories by providing educational outreach programs and volunteer foreign service-learning opportunities in African countries.

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