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Pan African Movement

Visit their site: www.panafricanmovement.org

HeadQuarters: address: Plot 88B Kiira Road, P.O. Box 24590; Kampala, Uganda
Organization Contacts
  • Telephone: + 256 41 530525
  • Email: pawlo@imul.com
  • Fax: + 256 41 530525

Organization Details
The Pan African Movement Secretariat was established in 1994, by the participants at the 7th Pan African Congress held in Kampala, Uganda to: (1) Act as a coordinating center for all activities of the Pan African Movement; (2) Popularize and oversee the implementation of all resolutions adopted by the 7th Pan African Congress; (3) Mobilize, organize and conscientise Africans both in Africa and the diaspora on the need for Africa to unite; (4) Liaise with, network among and facilitate the work of different groups, organizations and individuals committed to the work of the Pan African Movement; and (5) Organize future Pan African Congresses, on a more regular basis.
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