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Tanzania : AGENDA

HeadQuarters: Head of organization: Chairman: Prof. Jamidu H.Y. Katima Contact Person: Silvani Mng'anya, Executive Secretary P.O. Box 77266, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Email address for head of organisation: jkatima@cpe.udsm.ac.tz for Chairman, semnganya@yahoo.com for Executive Secretary
Organization Contacts
  • Telephone: 255 22 2450213
  • Email: agenda@raha.com
  • Fax: 255 22 2410379
  • Contact Person/Office: Media contact: Mr. Silvani E. Mng'anya

Organization Details
AGENDA works on environmental issues that cut across different sectors. It areas of experience include: Chemicals and Chemical Wastes; Solid Wastes; Biodiversity; Coastal Environment; Integrated Environment Management; and Social Aspects of environmental Management. Its modes of work range from applied research and surveys to direct interventions and awareness raising activities. Founded in 1994 as a project, registered as NGO in July 1997. Staff of 7 permanent
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