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American Nightmare

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Created: 12th Nov 2012
Modified: 12th Nov 2012
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The progressive rapper Raushan is a true musical visionary, with a tendency to touch on the topics pop artists tend to avoid. His latest project is called "American Nightmare” and it focuses on American history from the point of view of its minorities. Each song reads like a chapter in a grim novel, conveying such topics as the Native Americans' view of the invaders, the atrocities of the African slave trade, and the struggle to overcome the Segregation era. This daring project destroys all stereotypes of what a rap album can be about, and will definitely leave music fans craving more. Also, the entire album is available as a free download & listeners can hear it all for themselves at raushan.bandcamp.com


www.raushan.org, raushan.bandcamp.com
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