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Peluzzas Toca Mi Timbal by cdc music
Peluzzas Toca Mi Timbal by cdc music

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Created: 18th Jan 2009
Modified: 10th Dec 2009
cdcmusic USA

Carlos Peluzza "Toca Mi Timbal"

Timbal Master combination of Salsa Latin Jazz Dance music

Play with Fania all star and Tito Puente concerts show.

Musical Education about Musical Arrangers,

Full Percussion Piano Vocal Drums Timbal  live music for all.

write: cdc.timbal@hotmail.com

music web: www.myspace.com/carlospeluzza

Want to be part of you beatiful country

for contract contac: cdc.timbal@hotmail.com

charlie jr. dc.

Miami Florida USA

resume: PeluzzasMusic 


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