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Nigeria : Shoki Shoki (1999)
Shoki Shoki (1999)

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Created: 12th Sep 2008
Modified: 12th Sep 2008
Fontana Mca
Femi Kuti
Not to get to technical about this, but Shoki Shoki is more or less the album/CD that marks Femi Kuti's international debut, and on the strength of the adrenaline gushing single "blackman know yourself" and the testosterone laden "beng, beng, beng," (with its awesome music video showcasing Lagos and the shrine in all their lovely rawness) this album is, by all accounts, the equivalent of a supreme court's ruling on the passage of the touch from Fela to his son. Once and for all, let's set the record straight: Fela is dead. Femi is alive. Afrobeat lives.
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