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Cote d'Ivoire : Trois fables à l'usage des blancs en Afrique
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Created: 23rd Jul 2008
Modified: 23rd Jul 2008
Claude Gnakouri
Luis Marquès

Trois fables à l'usage des blancs en Afrique
Côte d'Ivoire-Espagne /1998 / 18min run time

This short film contains three stories:

Les Blancs s'amusent
In a village lost in the deep savana, a man who has arrived at the end of his life decides to use his meager income to offer a sheep as his last sacrifice...

Bonne chance Trophy
Some where in the savana, an elderly African man sees a surge of marathon runners.  The elderly man claims his assistance to collect wood, but a European, obsessed by his race, follows his journey.


Les enfants du guépard
Two rally organisers on site plan to install a step in a near by village.   They think they can get through the situation, like the time before, with some cheap material and a few words.  But the town has prepared for their coming...  

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