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Eritrea : White Hotel (1999)
White Hotel (1999)

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Created: 8th Jun 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
Dianne Griffin and Tobi Solvang

White Hotel (1999)

1999. 90 minutes. Eritrea. Directors: Dianne Griffin and Tobi Solvang. Documentary

A documentary set in Eritrea, where two women, Dianne Griffin and Tobi Solvang, set out to observe an American HIV research team. Commencing their journey from the White Hotel, these women quickly become enchanted by the beauty of this foreign region. A foreign region of joy as well as repression, and of such opulence and sensuality as well as sexual mutilation. Inadvertently, the direction of their documentary takes a turn and becomes a personal study of Griffin and Solvang.

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